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Dr. Ryan Wong is a PhD graduate from the laboratory of Dr. Donald B. Kohn at the University of California, Los Angeles. During his PhD thesis, Dr. Wong led the development of a bioinformatics-based platform which indentified the regulatory elements of target genes beyond their endogenous promoters for the design of physiologically regulated lentiviral vectors. Using this technology, he designed multiple novel gene therapies for various immunodeficiencies including a physiologically regulated lentiviral for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome able to restore wildtype levels of WASp in the megakaryocyte lineage to fully restore platelet counts in addition to immune function.


Dr. Wong now serves as the Executive Vice President of Research and Development at ImmunoVec, an early-stage biotechnology company developing highly-regulated lentiviral based gene therapies for various life-threatening primary immune deficiencies, autoimmune disorders and hematological malignancies.


Previous to his work with Dr. Kohn, Dr. Wong worked on developing antibody-based immunotherapies at Amgen and also trained at Genentech in the Immunology Drug Discovery group.


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