Dr. Rawlings directs the Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies (CIIT) at Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI) and is also chief of the Division of Immunology at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH). The SCH Immunology clinical program serves as the major referral center for pediatric and adult patients in the Pacific Northwest and nationally. The program is responsible for diagnosis and management of patients (including infants identified by newborn screening) with genetic immune disorders. In collaboration with the Stem Cell Transplant program, the Immunology team jointly coordinates protocols for transplantation or gene therapy. As part of these efforts, Dr. Rawlings leads the CIIT’s basic and translational immunology research programs that includes 14 independent investigators focused on human immune disorders. He also directs the Program for Cell and Gene Therapy (PCGT) leading development of novel gene therapy and gene editing approaches for genetic immune diseases. Dr. Rawlings has received numerous awards including the Seattle Children's Guild Association Endowed Chair in Pediatric Immunology, Tom Hansen Investigator in Pediatric Innovation Endowment, and election to the American Society for Clinical Investigation and Association of American Physicians.


Dr. Rawlings’ independent research group includes over 40 staff focused on studies of altered lymphoid development and signaling leading to immunodeficiency, autoimmunity and/or malignancies, and the development of gene therapy and gene editing for immune diseases. As part of this work, the laboratory has studied the impact of loss of the Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome protein in triggering systemic autoimmunity and the development of alternative delivery platforms for WAS genetic therapy.

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